You mean the world to us!

“Great source and inspiring to read… personable and I can apply it to my life.
I love the fact it’s inspired me to write!”  – Susan, Arizona


“At the time I started this workshop, I was close to rock bottom for the umpteenth time. So many life changes happened in a one year period to me and I was struggling to manage my health, my finances, and my responsibilities. Once I read through and understood the intent of the workshop, I was positive and hopeful it could work for me, so I gave it my best. This workshop brought me more self awareness, helped remind me of known therapies I previously spent thousands of dollars and years on, and gave me ideas for moving forward towards my dreams. After this workshop, I felt more empowered, centered, focused, progressive, and invigorated in life and on my goals. I even made new friends. Evelyn is a soft spoken, kind, strong, intellectually stimulating individual, and a big champion of women in general. I strongly suggest anyone who is looking for self growth in mind, body, or spirit, and empowerment to participate in this workshop. Love yourself this way.” – Brittany, Arizona


Connecting women to their soul power to make the world a more kind, beautiful and graceful place one gorgeous soul at a time.