Evelyn Anne & Co. is founded on the principle that we need more women at the table in all ways, especially in business, government, medicine, and executive offices. When we are missing out on the voices of 50% of the population the world is throwing away precious resources. Our mission is to empower women to see how extraordinary they really are so they have the courage to stop playing small and step onto the path they were born to live and get them to the table of their choice.

Evelyn is National Bestselling Author of Open Your G.I.F.T.S. Volume 2 with Hollywood actress, speaker Kim Coles.Her life philosophy is centered on the principle of Grace. Having been a professional dancer, singer, and businesswoman, Evelyn makes the road of empowerment graceful, simple and achievable. She works exclusively with women who are ready to onto the path they were born to live and onto their “hero’s journey”. 

Through the power of digital marketing, speaking and workshops Evelyn Anne equip women with simple tools to embrace their power and heal their hearts. Evelyn uses valuable time-tested methods to get past the past, on to the road of empowerment in a simple, elegant way.

We Believe:

Women have historically been the first and primary educators in our communities, as mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers and nurses. Women touch everyones lives in an important way.

When women play small  because they are not connected to their power  and our families, communities and world suffer.

Our passion:

Connecting women to their soul power to make the world a more kind, beautiful and graceful place one gorgeous soul at a time.

Our Values

Our 7 core values drive everything we do.


A flower does not strain to bloom, we can accomplish a lot in when we work with the flow.


Our truth is our treasure. We will always be honest with ourselves and others.


Solutions that make a difference in your life, where you are.


We believe in giving back. 10% of our profits go to The HIKE Fund, INC.


We are responsible for our lives, happiness, and outcomes. No excuses, no blame game here.


In an age of information overload simplicity wins.


Every one of us is unique and that makes us priceless. We honor and embrace our unique perspectives and traits.